Sonata Rapalyte

Sonata Rapalyte born and raised in Lithuania under Soviet rule, a regime of conformity and austerity, it was from here that Sonata began her quest for individualism that ultimately led her to design as a means of escapism.

Highly influenced by art in all forms she began sewing at the age of eight, honing her skills further when she moved to London to take up various design roles and finally landing the dream position as a technical designer with lingerie pioneer Damaris Evans. It was here while working on technical designs and production through out the early years of the brand that Sonata gained her experience.

It was inevitable that Sonata would strike out on her own and so launched Sonata Rapalyte in 2008. Her designer range includes knickers, thongs and bras through to pyjamas, swimwear and of course the glamorous bodysuit.

In February 2010 the company was ranked second out of all the designer lingerie brands in Intima Magazine one of Frances leading lingerie and swimwear publication.

Inspired to push the limits with every design and using luxurious silk chiffons, satins and lace, Sonata Rapalyte is designed with fabulous women in mind everywhere…… “ I just want to make women feel pretty, confident and sexy ……and when you wear amazing lingerie you feel amazing”.